If you ask most young people what they want to be when they grow up, that answer is likely very different than it would have been 15 years ago. Kids used to want to be doctors, lawyers or astronauts but with the growth of the internet has brought about new aspirations for younger generations. These days, the most common answer among those polled is that young people want to be influencers, content creators, and social wiz kids! Why? The same reason some grow up wanting to be professional athletes, a star on Broadway or take over the Tonight Show! We all grow up with certain aspirations of fame, popularity, and fortune. While there are many that will still choose those routes, the internet has opened up so many more opportunities for people to achieve stardom, without having Hollywood tell them they are not good enough. In 2017, you don’t need a Hollywood director to tell you that you’re great. These days, you don’t even need an influencer agency, all it takes is the right talent and an iPhone!

Influencers are not new in our society, but who we view as influencers has changed. Now, you don’t have to spend 20+ years in professional sports or on the big screen to build your audience. However, you do need a lot of talent and diversified content. The internet has provided everyone with this opportunity, however because of that, it makes it much harder to break through. The internet is so noisy that producing content for just 1 platform is not enough! More and more influencers are growing their audience on Instagram, but are failing to realize the opportunities on other platforms, most notably YouTube.

Video content is emerging as the best way to break through the noise. For anyone trying to build a personal brand, the numbers are staggering! Videos not only allow you to say much more in a shorter space of time in comparison to written text, but with the inclusion of both sound and visuals, they offer something you just can’t get from any other form of content. Video content is 27% more likely to generate interaction than image-based content and recent studies have suggested that online users are 39% more likely to share video content than written text. As well as 56% are more inclined to ‘Like’ it and these numbers are only set to increase as the popularity of video content continues to climb.


Chloe Roberts is one of the emerging influencers that has recently made the transition from Instagram to creating vlog/video content on YouTube. So why did she decide to start a vlog? “I started a vlog for many reasons actually! Ever since I was young I’ve always been passionate in creating things that bring joy to others. Every year for all my friends birthdays I’d put together videos and photos and create beautiful videos filled with love for their birthdays as a gift to celebrate the memories and reminisce on our friendship and they honestly were such a hit!”

The passion to create is something that most influencers say is a huge motivator! Humans are naturally creative and social, and with the emergence of social media, we have become obsessed with creating content that generates emotion and happiness.

“I became so passionate that I’d make end of year iMovies whereby I’d put together all my favorite moments in the year and the progress of the year, for no other reason but I took so much pride at seeing them finished and I loved making them! I love documenting special moments in my life so that I can reflect on those times and see how much I’ve grown/changed or where I started as well as to give everyone an insight into how I created something and an inside view into things I’d be open to everyone seeing! That’s actually a huge reason why I had the confidence to start a vlog, because my followers on my Instagram wanted and kept requesting to see how looks are created and what my lifestyle is like and what not! I wanted to create a new project for myself, where I could build myself and where I could potentially make more of myself. I love keeping busy and taking on more and more and I thought that YouTube would be the ideal thing to try and excel in!”

Chloe has certainly excelled quickly! She currently has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and even though she has only created 3 vlogs so far, her videos are surpassing 100,000 views with ease! This is certainly no surprise, based on video engagement statistics. By expanding to new platforms, it also gives influencers more opportunities because now Roberts has a diversified audience with her videos doing such large numbers.

So what kind of opportunities have already opened up for Chloe?

“Instagram and YouTube have created a lifestyle for many people these days and has worked as a real job for people to pursue however I’m only just 18 and I’m still in school therefore at the moment I only genuinely see Instagram as a passion of mine! Instagram and YouTube certainly has its perks of earning money and free products and meals and as much as all everyone sees is the pictures and the videos the effort that goes into these is immense! The mental strain and the physical strain is definitely draining and rewarding but very difficult.”

This is what is so appealing about growing an audience. An influencer can begin building their lifestyle influence while working another job, or in Chloe’s case, while she’s in school.

“My sole focus at the moment is completing my VCE and getting into a university that I love, therefore social media has been taking a back seat! However, once November has passed and VCE is finished I hope to put a massive emphasis into pursuing my Instagram and YouTube and hopefully creating a company that I’m passionate about! I have big dreams and I’ll work extremely hard to make those dreams reality!”

If Chloe can produce content and edit her vlogs, all while studying for her VCE, you can certainly do the same! That’s why we encourage everyone to start a vlog, because you don’t have to take hours out of your day to create content, instead, simply document your day and your life. If you have an audience already on Instagram or another platform, it’s safe to say that audience will love your day to day video content. Chloe has certainly proven that, and we think her videos will only continue to grow in popularity!