Influencer Marketing: the business behind the Instagram with Amanda Withee


The term “celebrity” is diversifying in 2017. Where 20 years ago, only movie stars, singers or high-level fashion models who were represented by powerful agencies would be considered celebrities. Now, social media influencers are working their way to the forefront, and in some cases, passing the stars of yesterday. Today’s generation is much more likely to find their favorite actors, singers or models on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.


These celebrities, known by today’s standards as “influencers” are models, bloggers, trainers and actors have become recognized by names, partly because of the huge following they have attracted. These days, influencers are becoming the celebrities of this generation and agencies are starting to take notice. The best part? These influencers can bypass the agency route if they so choose because they can showcase their talent directly to consumers via social networks.


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