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Engaged Networks

PI Agency has a global network

Our influencer network is amongst the largest, globally. Our influencer network can be effective for brands big and small. From influencers with 1000 high engaged followers, to influencers with over 5 million followers . Influencer marketing isn’t just for big business.



Tell us about your business

Published Influencers creative team wants to learn more about your brands mission so we can find the perfect, natural influencer integration for your project. What kind of projects are perfect for influencer marketing? Product Launches, , Product Promotion, Live Event, Grand OpeningBrand Initiatives, Promotional Videos, Demo, Brand Awareness and more



Review and implementation

 After our content team has reviewed our strategy with you, our team will reach out to our network of influencers to find natural implementation opportunities. Influencer marketing only works if the engagement is authentic and well integrated. Our team will implement this strategy and initiate our influencer content. Throughout the campaign, you will receive posting reports and metrics.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing works because people listen to people.  Today, consumers are choosing to listen to each other over brands. Especially when they listen to someone they like and trust. That’s why influencers move the needle. They are trusted and have gained valuable followings on the mobile platforms we spend our time on.

Influencers begin conversations and make it easier for brands to target audiences on a larger scale. It all comes down to:

influencer + audience + brand match + content strategy = engagement
When an influencer and brand are a natural fit, everyone wins!

They create authentic content – together – and share it online across social media and other channels. Reaching the right people at the right time to achieve measurable goals:

  • generate brand awareness
  • motivate buying intention
  • drive traffic
  • increase media value

Clients Published On

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Our main
influencer channels

Our most popular influencer channel. Partner with our influencers to create beautiful product photographs and short videos to engage audiences. Our influencers create memorable content and utilize effective hashtags to magnify your brand awareness.

Allow vloggers and storytellers to naturally integrate your product into their already popular videos. Long form story videos or personal product video reviews. Allow our creators to put your brand out there via the world 2nd largest search engine.

Reach a wide and deeper audience through the power of Facebook groups and shareable content. Facebook also allows influencers to broadcast live video and longer video than Instagram with it’s already worldwide platform. Facebook can help connect to a aged up community.

Blogs are perfect for niche products because of their trustworthy communities. Bloggers are a major part of any content strategy because of the SEO effects. We have niche bloggers in almost every niche.

I Want to share the experience of your brand? What better way than to allow a Snap Chat influencer putting out content for an entire day at your location. Snap Chat is native for in the moment events and on location experiences

Influencer Network
Our diverse network of over 800 influencers are free to work with whoever they want to. That means long-term ambassadors with real engagement who get people talking, and acting.
Influencer Strategy
Social media campaigns to live events, we make sure to maximize the impact of your brand message through the most effective influencers.
Full campaign execution and production. Our in-house team will help create and managing any creative assets, while collaborating with the influencer.
True influence moves the needle. With authentic endorsement comes consumer engagement. We change narratives around your brand.

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